Permanent Makeup

  • Why permanent makeup?

    In a world where we never stop, anything to minimize "prep time" in the morning is beneficial. Brows frame the face and make you look polished without having to lift a finger.

  • Is it microblading?

    No. Microblading is administered with a blade while making a series of precise slices in the skin to create a hair stroke effect. Permanent makeup is done via a tattoo pen which punctures the skin for faster recovery.

  • Does it hurt?

    We use a nice numbing gel throughout the service to keep you comfortable. Typically clients who have had microblading prior to tattooing say that microblading hurts quite a lot more and this is absolutely tolerable.

Menu / Price List

Permanent Makeup Sessions

Achieved look typically requires 2 sessions.

  • Consultation Free

    We'll meet to discuss options, pigments, shaping and with time remaining we can do brow henna to simulate the shape and color ($20).

  • Brows 250

    We'll once again go over our realistic expectations and take some measurements. You'll be numbing for several minutes and in this time you can fill out some paperwork. After this session, you will be expected to perform proper home care which will be discussed throughout the session. One touchup session is included.

  • Extra Touchup 75

    A touchup session is included in your initial fee. Although rare, some clients request or need an extra session to perfect he micropigmentation. Everyone processes pigments and heals differently.